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Tuition and fees at St. Eugene’s School do not cover the cost of education, and most of the gap is made up through fundraising. Since all families benefit from the lower tuition rates, the Scrip and fundraising requirements are in place to encourage all families to support our fundraisers.

Scrip Requirement

Scrip takes several forms, but the basic idea is that merchants donate a percentage of purchases when parents buy goods or services from them. Paper and card Scrip (gift certificates) for specific stores are purchased at a discount by the school and resold to parents at face value. Other merchants and programs such as eScrip track parent purchases and periodically issue reports and send rebates to the school.

Each family has a Scrip profit requirement of $250. Scrip profit is computed on a monthly basis and is posted onto each family’s tuition statement.

Fundraising Requirement

There is a mandatory fundraising commitment of $200 per family, which may be met with one of the following options:

  1. Buy or sell $200 in tickets to a specified fundraiser..
  2. Increase your Scrip profit commitment by $200.
  3. Make a $200 donation.
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