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Accelerated Reader
Extended Kindergarten Enrichment Program
Monsignor Gaffey Center for the Arts and Technology
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The Accelerated Reader Program provides a self-motivational enrichment tool to promote the practice of reading. Students are able to select books at their appropriate reading and interest levels and read them at their own pace.

Reading Levels (RL) indicate the difficulty of the text. For example, a book with an RL of 5.5 means that the text would be approximately at the level of a student whose reading skills are a typical fifth grader during the fifth month of school. Any reading level below or slightly above what the student level is should be appropriate for that student.

More importantly, the Interest Level (IL) must be considered when selecting a book. Just because a student is able to read at a certain level, doesn’t mean that the content is appropriate for that student. The Interest Level considers the book’s themes and ideas and is based on age-appropriate content. Lower Grades (LG) is for K-3rd grades. Middle Grades (MG) is for 4th – 8th grades and Upper Grades (UG) are books selected only for the junior high (7th and 8th). 

In addition, every book on the quiz list has a given point value based on the reading level as well as the length of the book in total number of words. In helping to select appropriate books for your student, reading and interest levels as well as point values should be considered. It is important to remember, however, that these are guidelines and recommendations. It is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to use good judgment when guiding their child to appropriate books.

Click on the link below to search for quizzes available to students at St. Eugene's.


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Each classroom is equipped with ten versatile Neo2 portable keyboards as well as a classroom computer for students ready to take the reading practice quizzes. 
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